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Finally Back.

2013-05-15 14:58:51 by tankor

It's been a couple of Years since I've been on Newgrounds, but I'm back now. and I promise I won't leave you again baby.
I've got a couple of things to upload, so expect something soon. Now that I really think people will read this crap. Any who, looking forward to seeing my shit online.

Finally Back.

Can't not be feeling this...

2011-05-27 14:23:47 by tankor


Everything is going pretty well, the weed is fantastic, I've been spending weeks up at my cottage, writing some new short scripts that I hope to be releasing sometime this year, but I'm just so god damned busy I hardly have any time to breathe.

'Everyday Life' is being postponed until we can afford a high definition camera. I have however been working on video game ideas like crazy and came up with something completely original that doesn't involve people shooting each other, and is still epic. I would say more but even the title gives away the entire game.

On another note... Where would I go about selling my idea to publishers?

Can't not be feeling this...

YouTube Videos

2011-02-21 13:26:44 by tankor

Hey guys,
Did you know, that if you sign up with YouTube and get enough views on your videos, YouTube will advertise on your profile, and you will be sent monthly checks by Google?

Now for my news of the day:
We are making many new videos, everything from zombie jokes, to video games. Literally.

We've comprised a series of short zombie films that will all fit together and make our half an hour pilot episode of 'Infectious'.
We also have a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type game review and we're looking into buying a slow motion camera so we can Re-Film 'The Best Dropkick on YouTube'. If anyone has one that they could lend us, or come film with us on the day, it would be most appreciated, and most likely worth a couple bucks to you.

Depending on the popularity of some of my videos, I might consider uploading them to Newgrounds.
I re-wrote the script I had about the baby Kangaskhan losing it's mother, but now I'm working on College, my Job, this girl, video game reviews, zombie make-up, blue screens, audio clips, meetings, injuries, Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and burning DVDs, so I just don't have the time to animate something this well drawn and lengthy.

Pretty much, what I'm saying is this script is up for grabs if ANYBODY is interested.
I could really care less at this point, just mention me in the credits...

Technology Is Not Reliable.

2010-12-15 16:46:16 by tankor

Well, I fucked up,
my computer became infected by a virus and I had to wipe my hard drive to just to boot the system.
All my work is more or less gone. :P
I managed to save a few drawings, some videos, and my scripts, but everything else is kaput.
My months of flash animating, hours of video editing, and irreplaceable images which I had scoured deep within the bowels of the internet to obtain years ago is all gone.
I need to back up everything form here on in, cause I can't stand having an empty hard drive.

Here is a video of my buddy Sleep Talking...
Sleep Talking

Heres a little GIF I found the other day...

Technology Is Not Reliable.

Not Even Close

2010-11-11 07:57:51 by tankor

I was working on my flash animation the other day when I realized just about how long it's going to take me to finish. The chances of me getting this done by Christmas has dropped to about %2; But hell, I've never animated something before, so your not missing out on anything.
Between, school, work, girls, friends, video games, and parents, I'm only putting about an hours work into this per day.

As far as 'Everyday Life' is coming along, we only need to shoot 4 more scenes, but the chances of us having to wait until the spring are high as well.

A director contacted me about 2 of my scripts, a zombie television series, and a horror book I called 'Hierarchy'. Before I get back in contact he told me to have the full script for both ideas, and a general estimate for the budget. I've added everything up, and I still need a minimum $30,000 to make 'one' of these ideas. I'd hate to see what my best script would cost me to film.

Besides that, my Halo: Reach Forge is getting some attention on YouTube.
A little map I threw together called 'The Cottage' you can find it on my file share. Gamertag: zero tankor

And you should check out me drop kicking my friend in the chest off of my roof, it is fucking hilarious.Fat Kid Drop Kicked In Chest off of Roof

Not Even Close

There can be only one...

2010-11-04 12:05:04 by tankor

Companies like Tristar, and 20th Century, are running out of movie ideas.
They're taking just about anything new you throw at them and turning it into a god damned movie now-a-days.
I have several full scripts here at my house and they do nothing but collect dust.
Through recent luck I have stumbled upon my fathers old friend, who happens to be a Director for some big television show. I am currently taking classes at Sheridan College, animating; and my good friends are into Javascript. Not to mention another good friend who runs his own company, is willing to produce our shows.
We have the Idea's, the Money, the Education, and the Equipment. I hope you'll be seeing us on the big screen before 2012.

4 scripts are being scouted right now, I will update if I get any final word.

P.S. - No you don't get to know what the 4 scripts are.
I don't want to accidentally spoil anything before the show is released. :P

I have also created a Halo: Reach Forge, entitled 'The Cottage' you can find it on xbox live.
Gamertag: zero tankor

There can be only one...

Animated Short?

2010-10-16 20:19:54 by tankor

I wanted to make a new flash animation, something funny, something ironic, something twisted...
I had an idea looking back on a Pokemon poster, how Kangaskhan's baby resembled Cubone to a T, perhaps a mother Kangaskhan failed to protect her child, maybe as a last line of defense; she made him run. I went through a 40 of Captain Morgans and nearly a 'quarter' coming up with this idea, I hope you enjoy the animation, at the progress I'm coming along at I should be done before the new year.

Wow... I googled my discovery and found I may have concluded the mystery to 'MissingNo.'

Animated Short?

Back to School...

2010-09-09 10:23:21 by tankor

Summer is nearly over, my cottage is already freezing cold.
A couple of friends and I are going to be filming a short film entitled: Everyday Life
It's follows one particular teenager who doesn't attend school, doesn't have a job, and does what everyone wants to do with their life. Party.
I don't want to spoil any of the jokes or story twists, I can tell you there will be shootouts, chase scenes, and even some explosions. However our release may not be until December.

With all the shit going on in the world today...
I figure I'm gonna start animating...
I've been practicing my anime, and I feel I'm just about ready to tackle a full flash project.

Please rate the attached picture, so I know what to work on.
and if you want to see an awesome video of me drop kicking my friend in the chest off of my roof,
Click here: Best Drop Kick Ever

Back to School...

Newgrounds Hackers XD

2010-08-12 14:08:26 by tankor

Is anyone confused about hackers on Newgrounds?
I mean... whats the fucking point?
As if all people have to do is change other peoples display pictures and write stupid posts?
real impressive.

Newgrounds Hackers  XD

Levels on Newgrounds?

2010-05-07 17:56:52 by tankor

As much fun as it is becoming more and more powerful voting on flash submissions I hardly see a point to the level system. Yeah, you've been voting a long time, and your vote counts for more than mine does...
So... I've decided my new goal is to eventually work my way up through Newgrounds itself until I have become the number one most powerful voter on the site.
Every submission of my choice will be blammed with a single click of a button, and all shall tremble at my fury as I cast my vote, for only those worthy of my image of the perfect Newgrounds shall be praised by my comments! see what I'm saying?...

P.S.- Will color attached sketch shortly!

Levels on Newgrounds?